Moment Man Came Face to Face with Lion he Had Rescued 7 Years Ago (WATCH VIDEO)

Kevin Richardson ran into two lions he had saved 7 years ago in an unbelievable fashion. Kevin Richardson who owns a lion park in South Africa took had gathered enough courage of meeting the lions for the first time after many years to ascertain if they'd remember him.

 OMGNewss reports that Kevin had come to the lions' aid when they were rejected as cubs by the mommy lion.

In a YouTube video on Go Pro VR BTS recording the priceless moment, Kevin found the lions named Meg and Ammy in a river and approached them

He called out the name of one of them while moving in the water. Within a twinkle of eye, the lion seemed to recognize the voice of its rescuer and jumped on him. Kevin Richardson was so surprise as the wild cat started kissing and hugging him

Hotnaijagist cannot at the moment of writing this report verify the pictures, a closer look at Sani's profile shows he is a voracious traveler who has been to 62 cities in 33 countries. 


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