Destiny Etiko Biography- 2021 update

The Nigerian popular actress, Destiny Etiko is known to be one of the most successful actresses in Nigeria. A lot of her fans always want to know more about the life of their favorite

celebrity.  Relax; you are at the right place. A the end of this post, you will know all you have always wish to know about Destiny Etiko.

Destiny etiko biography

Destiny Etiko is a popular Nigerian actress who became known after portraying Ekemma in the movie Idemili. Her talent for acting earned her a nomination for Best Promising Actress at City People Entertainment Awards.

Profession: Actress

Date of birth: 12 August 1994

 Place of birth: Udi, Enugu State, Nigeria

Destiny Etiko age: 32 years

 Marital status:  Single

Table of contents

1. Destiny Etiko biography

2. Destiny Etiko siblings

3. Destiny Etiko parent

4. How old is Destiny Etiko?

5. Educational background

6. Destiny Etiko Career

7. Is Destiny Etiko married?

8. Destiny etiko movies


Destiny Etiko biography

 Destiny Etiko is a native of Udi in Enugu State, Nigeria. Her mother was an actress. Destiny once said that her mother sacrificed her career to dedicate her life to the family. After Destiny became famous and wealthy, she decided to surprise her mother with a grand gift.

In 2018, the actress decided to surprise her mother. The media published the news about her house. The famous actress bought it as a present for her mother. She gifted the house to her on her birthday to show love and respect for all the care and love she got in her childhood years.

Destiny Etiko siblings

Destiny Etiko has two brothers and a sister.

 Destiny Etiko parent

Destiny Etiko was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Etiko. Her father Mr. Etiko John Anonde passed away on 15 May 2020, meanwhile her Mother who was an actress before her husband stopped her from acting is still alive.

How old is Destiny Etiko?

Destiny was on 12 August born 1989

Educational background

Destiny Etiko attended both her primary and secondary education in Enugu. After that, she applied to the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra State.  She did her NYSC in Ondo state but later redeployed to Enugu state after 3 weeks in camp.

The young beauty dreamt of becoming an actress, like her mother. In 2011, she registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and became part of the Nollywood In 2012; she successfully graduated from the university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts. After that, she immersed herself in acting.

Destiny Etiko Career

Destiny etiko biography

 Destiny Etiko became an actress from tender age when she was still in jss1 in 2003.

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The famous actress today took long break to concentrate on her education and return back the Movie industry in 2011 during her year two in the university.

The actress is known with her sexy and  attractive appearance, in an interview with Saturday Beats,

She said;

Having a nice shape was not what made me popular, whether you’re {} or not you must have content. You can’t be a star by being beautiful or fair or voluptuous. Sexiness and beauty can only make people like you but it won’t keep you there for long. My “sexiness” didn’t give me any special privilege, although it’s an added advantage. Another thing that helped me is that I carry grace. When you have the grace to make it, no one can stop you. When you look around, there are some actors and actresses that are not fine but there is something about them that makes them successful.

Destiny Etiko has played a lot of minor roles at the beginning of her career. In 2012, she was offered the role of Ekemma in Idemili where she carried live snake. The movie was finally come out in 2014. The role earned her not only the Best Promising Actress nomination but other leading roles as well.

Is Destiny Etiko married?


Few months ago, the actress was seen on beautiful wedding pictures on social media with Jerry Williams, but the truth of the matter remains; Destiny Etiko is still neither married nor in a relationship. Those pictures were taken while filming a wedding drama.

Destiny Etiko Net Worth

Being a popular Nollywood actress, scriptwriter, television personality and a model, Destiny Etiko has gathered some real wealth to herself. Her net worth is estimated at $600,000

Destiny etiko movies

So far, Destiny Etiko has starred in over 130 movies. Here are some of her hits: 

  Fear of a Woman (2016)

   3 Days to Wed (2016)

   The Storm (2016)

    Evil Seekers (2017)

    Tears of Regret (2018

    Barren Kingdom (2019)

    Clap of Royalty (2019)

    Pains of the Orphan (2019)

    The Hidden Sin (2019)

    Family Yoke (2019)

    King’s Word (2019)

    Sound of Evil (2019)

    My Private Part (2019) as Stella

    The prince & I (2019)

    Heart of Love (2019)

    My sisters love (2019)

    Power of Royalty (2019)

    Sunset of Love (2019)

    London Prince (2019)

    Woman of Power (2019)

    Poor Billionaire (2019)

    Virgin goddess (2019)

    Queen of love (2019)

    The Sacred Cowry (2019)

    The Return of Ezendiala (2019)

    Living in Poverty (2020)

    Hour of Victory (2020)

Stay tuned as we are going to update list of Destiny etiko movies in 2021.


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