Mark Angel Biography (2021 updates)


Mark Angel Biography

Mark Angel is a popular comedian known for his comic videos.  He is writer, video producer and YouTuber. He is the CEO of Mark Angel Comedy and Mark Angel TV. Basically, he has been known with the little kids, Emmanuella Samuel, and Aunty Success. Mark Angel actually dropped out college just to pursue his career. Mark is a professional cinematographer and even co-owns a production house. Mark Angel became the first African content creator to have one million 'YouTube' subscribers in 20217. He is an artist who knows his roots. He connects with his people by featuring his neighborhood of Port Harcourt in his videos, which is one of the major reasons for his popularity.


Childhood & Early Life

Popular comedian, Mark Angel was born on May 27, 1991, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Mark Angel He grew up with his two siblings.

 Mark Angel attended ‘Obafemi Awolowo University’ where he closed medicine as his major.

He actually dropped out of school After his uncle’s sudden demise, his family was faced with financial issues, as the result Mark decided to drop out.

Mark then turned toward photography and began learning the craft. He next visited India to gain some experience in cinematography and theater. Following his return, he failed to find any decent-paying job in the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood). So Mark decided to go independent and eventually started his production house.



In 201, Mark moved to Lagos to pursue his career as a photographer. However, his professional journey began after a brief stint with photography. During his cinematography assignments in India, He performed stage dramas, especially comedy, with a theater group called 'Gingertainment.'

On his return, Mark and his friend Dennison Igwe ventured into Nollywood and worked under a couple of productions. Together, they made a few films. Unfortunately, they had to quit the industry because of Mark's mother, an evangelist. She was not happy with the kind of movies they had edited. Around the time, Mark worked as a security guard to ensure a regular flow of income.

On Dennison's suggestion, Mark decided to start a media company. All of their comedy skits they had produced earlier, which they even posted on the internet, failed to impress the audience. Mark and Dennison thought of starting a production house, so that they would have full control over everything. For about a year, the two planned everything to start the production, and in 2013, they finally launched their company, 'Mechanic Pictures.' The production house aimed at creating photos and videos for skits, sharing them through 'YouTube.'

On June 29 2013, Mark launched his 'YouTube' channel, 'Mark Angel Comedy,’ His level of creativity caught the attention of people with the short titled 'Oga Landlord.'

In 2017, 'Mark Angel Comedy' acquired one million subscriptions, making it the first Nigerian 'YouTube' channel to reach those statistics. Currently Mark Angel has over 7.94 million subscribers. Meanwhile, Mark's other social-media pages; like 'Instagram,' where his posts have earned him over 1.4 million followers and 20 million Facebook followers

Outside creating content for his channel, Mark Angel also  writes scripts for comedians. He also charges for it, according to the length and the urgency of the script. He primarily films in the lower-class neighborhood in Port Harcourt, which is his way of showcasing the environment he grew up in. This also helps the common Nigerian people relate to his content.

Is mark Angel married?

Currently Mark Angel is engaged to a beautiful woman by name Amanda Josh. Although, a lot of people refer to her as his wife, claiming they had a secret marriage.

The truth of the matter is that Mark has never confirmed having any secret wedding with Amanda in any of the interviews he’s offered.

 The only moment Mark Angel openly talked about his relationship with Amanda Josh was when he shared a picture of himself standing beside her and captioned it saying, “My mum brought a girl from the village and said she wants me to marry a village girl.” That was obviously a joke.

 In June 2020, he also stylishly debunked those reports in a post he shared on Instagram. He has on multiple occasions referred to her as his girlfriend – not his wife, as has been falsely reported on several platforms. In June 2020

Mark Angel’s Daughter

On the 15th May 2018 Mark Angel and Amanda Josh welcomed a baby girl, named Milla Angel

 Mark Angel’s Family

There have been controversies regarding Mark's relationship with Emmanuella. Some sources once suggested that they were cousins, while some premier publications in Nigeria claimed that Mark was her uncle. Emmanuella has been living with Mark's family since she was born, even though her parents are alive.

In any case, many people fondly refer to her as his wife, and it doesn’t appear like that will change any time soon.

Clearly, the fact that they live together in their Port Harcourt home has contributed to that widespread narrative.



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