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Simple steps to overcome stage set fright

Simple steps to overcome stage set fright

The word “stage simple means a platform or an area of raised floor made for artists to perform before the audience.

 Simple steps to overcome stage/set fright

I asked this question on one of my post on my instagram handle, later in the evening I decided to go through the comment section.

These are some of the answer I got from the comment section

@Favour Ikechukwu- Sir I have interesting in acting but I’m always scared of stage fright

@Hope Friday- Sir my dream every day is to become a popular person in the movie industry but I experience fright while on stage.

After going through almost 500 hundred comments, I find out that almost 87% of people were still saying the same thing so I decided to write to help those who have interest in acting but always experience stage/set fright.

Do you have interest in acting?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the next movie star but always experiencing stage/set fright?

Don’t panic because at the end of this article you will know how simple it is to stand before the Audience while on stage/set.

Before I proceed I proceed to the main point, permit me to break the meaning the key word “Stage/set fright”

There is one mistake lots of people there always make whenever they come across the key words “Stage and set”.

Listen, Stage is totally a different thing from set

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What is the different between Stage and set?

The word “stage simple means a platform or an area of raised floor made for artists to perform before the audience.

Reading carefully, you understand that while on stage you are performing to your audience, in other words, you can call it Face me-I face you.

While Set design is the creation of the physical space in which the action of a performed event takes place. To break it down, Set is just when you are right in front of camera.

So now you have know the difference between Set and stage, I strongly believe you will not make same mistake you made in the past maybe during audition or debate.

Now to the main point “how to overcome stage fright

# let go of negative thoughts

This is one the major thing that leads to stage fright. You have to learn to be courageous while on stage

Just look at yourself, then call your name deep inside you and say “I can do this”

Listen, the moment you start thinking inside you whenever you are been called on stage to perform

Can I really this?

What if I make a mistake won’t they laugh at me?

No, that is very wrong, by so doing automatically you have discourage yourself and at this point

You must surely misbehave while on stage/set so stop thinking negatively and start positively

# Focus

This one is another power weapon to overcome stage/set freight. To overcome stage/set freight always focuses on the main purpose that took you there.

# Make your mirror your friend

I could remember when I first joined my movie theater, my director always advice me to make my mirror my best friend. When he said that I will always be like “how is that possible?”

I became convinced when he explains further.

My director always said if you must always make your mirror best friend because if you stand before the mirror and cry, your mirror will cry after you.

# Consistence practice

This method is necessary as long as you want to be perfect ever you are doing

According to the saying “Practice made perfect”. So you have to keep practicing on your own if you really want to overcome stage fright.

Some people may be asking “Why should I Practice consistency”? Yes to me it is very important to practice of daily because the more you practice; the more you become stronger.

Though this are not all the method that can help you overcome stage/set fright but if you apply this few method listed above believe, you will know how simple it is to stand before the masses.

Good luck.












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