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OZC.Org reviws ( OZC.Org legit or scam?)

OZC.Org reviws ( OZC.Org legit or scam?) 

I come to realize that many people out there have been asking questions to know more about this platform called OZC blockchain.

To know more about this online platform called OZC.Org just stay on the page, read carefully till the end of this article.

In this article, here are the key points which I’m gonna  bring to your knowledge about OZC blockchain

What is OZC? OZC.Org review, How OZC.Org works, OZC.Org legit or scam, How to create account, OZC.Org referral, OZC.Org withdrawal.

Let’s get started…..

What is OZC?

OZC is an online platform newly lunch operating by O-DPoS (Open – Delegated Proof of Stake).

Talking more about OZC.Org  in summary, OZC can handle more than 1 million transactions per second and is scalable to infinity.

OZC.Org review

People really want to know more about OZC blockchain before they can adventure into it.  Meanwhile some people are still in big doubt if one can truly earn from the platform called OZC.Org. I can give you 100% assurance that you are at right place because at the end of this review you will know all about OZC blockchain.

How OZC.Org works

To become member of the platform is absolutely free and the easiest way make money from the platform is by referring new members who also want to take advantage of this platform, the more referral you achieve, the more income you generate. To refer new members to the platform, you only need to copy your link and share with your friends through social Medias like whatssAp, facebook and others.

OZC.Org legit or scam

Hot naija gist took much time to go through this new generation blockchain platform call OZC.Org

And have been able to gather more information about OZC.Org.

After gathering much information about the platform I have find out that the site is paying for now, but I can’t really tell if they will continue paying in future because that’s how other platform that have flee away with people’s money started.

How to create account

To create an account and become member on OZC.Org, Click here, on the top menu you see sign in by the right hand side on the top menu, click and you will be ask to put your details, since you don’t have account yet just scroll down and you see on the down written “New on our platform? Create an account”, click and follow the instructions on the screen.

OZC.Org referral

One important thing you need to know about OZC Smart Chain is that it opens a reward program for participating members to introduce new members and develop the community with 2 referral bonus programs:

1. Bonus for AirDrop OZC

- Individuals register free of charge and don't have to purchase OZC ICO can in any case take an interest

- The base reward is $0.50/part and gets up to 5 levels

- On the off chance that the part has bought the OZC ICO, the quantity of levels got will be expanded relying upon the bundles

- This large number of remunerations is added to AirDrop Wallet and will be changed over to OZC    when OZC ICO closes

2. Commission for ICO OZC

- Simply accessible to individuals who bought OZC ICO from Main Wallet with at least 20.00 USD

- The commission rate is 5% of the OZC ICO buys measure of all individuals from 5 to 10 levels relying upon the bought bundles

- Incomes from OZC ICO buys produced before you qualify won't be perceived and can't be recuperated. Model: If you elude 1 companion, they purchase $10,000 yet you actually haven't purchased the OZC ICO to qualify. You won't get this commission.

- This commission is added to Main Wallet and can be removed or bought ICO OZ

OZC.Org withdrawal

You can easily withdraw on OZC.Org the moment you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

To withdraw from OZC.Org, go to your dashboard and select withdrawal then fill the form provided.


Thanks for the time you spent to go through this article, I hope it was help.

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