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header ads review: Is legit or scam? review: Is legit or scam? review (is legit or scam, paying, secured, and reliable?) find out all you need to know about this investment platform called on this review.

As it is seen that every blessed day, many investment platform is been lunched on the internet meanwhile most of them lunched this their platform with the intention of scamming their users, although there are still many investment platform that is reliable. Most of this platform offers its users the access to become member of the platform without paying anything (money) though one must carry out simple task on the platform before being paid. Well, the case of is totally different because on one must investment with a certain amount which I’m going to highlight before the end of this review.

Let me quickly highlight the sub topic which I will talk about on this review

I will be talking about the following, packages, signup/ registration, withdrawal, referral, deep details about referral, legit or scam? and conclusion.

Let’s kick off….. packages

First off all, to investment on, you have to choose any of the packages below, take note, your daily higher depending on the package you subscribe to.

Below are the packages on


Amount: ₦5,000

In bronze, you invest with the sum of ₦5,000 and get ₦500 on daily basis direct to your bank account for the period of 30 days, that means within this 30 days, you stand the chance to earn the sum if ₦15,000.

If you remove the amount invested, that’s to say you gained ₦10, 000 from the platform.


Amount: ₦10,000

Silver is the second package on where you invest the sum of ₦10,000 and receive ₦1,000 daily into your account for 30 days. This means you will be paid ₦30,000 within the 30 days. There you gain ₦20,000 from the platform.


Amount: ₦25,000

In this particular package, you invest ₦25,000 and receive ₦2,500 daily to your bank account for 30 days and stand the chance to earn ₦75,000 within 30 days. Totally you gained ₦50,000.

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To invest in the platform, simply go to, select the text written under any package you invest with “Click Here to Start”, input the details required and click “Finish up” withdrawal

On, your earning is sent to your bank account every blessed day as long as you keep investing. Take note, you can investment as many times you wish daily which gives you the chance to earn more. referral

On, you ₦1,500 flat bonus on any referral you made despite the package you subscribed to. You can withdraw your bonus every Wednesday but you must reach a threshold of ₦10,000.

Take note; you must not refer anyone on the platform before you get paid on your investment.

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Deep details about uses one of the most advanced technologies to record, track and pays your referral earning.

See the advantage of members to

1. Recurring referral

In this particular referral program, you earn bonus anytime your referred member. The good news is that you earn both their present and future investment.

2. Self & Logged in Referrals

To earn bonus on this particular referral program, ensure click on your referral link before proceeding to investment.

Advanced Stats and tracking

From the word “Advance” you don’t need to be told that this one is totally different from the above mentioned referral programs.

 This is how this one works.  In this particular referral program, you have full control over your referral link, visits and their earning. legit or scam?

At the moment hot naija gist cannot really tell if but we will be do doing more research and we will continue giving updates here.

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