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header ads review: is legit or scam review (is legit or scam?) Read and discover all you need to know about through this review review, is another platform newly lunched on the internet. According to them, they pay their registered members only when they carry out simple activities on daily basis on the platform.

Every blessed day, many investment platform is been lunched on the internet which some claims they claims to be what they are not.

Let me share my little experience about these online platforms. When I first had that one can easily make money online only by performing simple task and just like that they pay you, so I decided to enter the internet and I keep searching for How to make money online and base on my experience then I find out all this platform that claims to pay its users for performing task on their platform, majority of them are just scam so I gave. After sometime I got the idea from a friend that I’m supposed to do some research about a particular platform in order to know if the platform is legit or scam, ever since then I never mistake nor fall victim for any scamming site.

You may just come across this new platform called for the first time and you want to know more about the platform before you advance in, do not panic because all you need to know about will be revealed on this article.

In day’s review, I will be talking about the following point of view “what is”, ”How does works?, “ How to register/signup on”, “ referral”, ” VIP plans”, How does work?”, “ login/sign in”,  “ withdrawal”, “is legit or scam?”, “Conclusion”.

Let’s get started……

What is review, is another platform newly launched on the internet. According to them, they pay their registered members only when they carry out simple activities on daily basis on the platform.

You can also earn more on this platform by referring more people to the platform sharing your link among family members and friends.

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How does work?

AS a registered member of, you are given full access to choose any  VIP plan of your choice then recharge to any VIP plan you prefer and start performing daily task, by so doing, you receive your commission from as a registered member.

How to register/signup on

To become member on and have full access to your dashboard, you are only required to take the following steps

# Go to

# type your preferred username and password

#Select the text underwritten “login.” referral

The listed plans below the available VIP plan which you are to subscribe to anyone of your choice.


1. Daily task: 10

2. Daily profit: AUD 10

3. Daily order AUD 1.0

4. Monthly income: AUD 300


1. Daily task: 10

2. Daily profit: AUD 15

3. Daily order AUD 1.50

4. Monthly income: AUD 450


1. Daily task: 15

2. Daily profit: AUD 45

3. Daily order AUD 3.00

4. Monthly income: AUD 1350


1. Daily task: 20

2. Daily profit: AUD 130

3. Daily order AUD 6.50

4. Monthly income: AUD 3900


1. Daily task: 25

2. Daily profit: AUD 400

3. Daily order AUD 16.00

4. Monthly income: AUD 1200 withdrawal

In order to withdraw your earning on the platform, have to provide your details such as account number and bank name.

Take note, you must reach the required withdrawal amount.

Is legit or scam?

As for now, hot naija gist cannot boldly testify if is legit or scam, but as we continue gathering more information about, we will update it here.


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