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How to identify fake investment site

How to identify fake investment site

Find out on this article.

Hello reader, I have noticed many people out there have been asking this question “how to identify fake investment site?” and that’s why I have chosen to write this article.

As we all know that as day’s passes by, different scammers from different area keeps publishing fake sites on the internet with the intention of running away with people’s hard earning money.

If you been looking forward to know how to identify fake sites, believe me at the end of this article you will never fall victim of the fake investment sites on the internet anymore, all you need to do is to stay on the page and read carefully till the end of this article.

There are many factors/ method which you can use to identify fake sites, check out the points below

#Review the site’s domain

To review a domain of any site of which you want to investment with, there’s this platform called, what is the work of is platform what gives you every details about a particular site. On you will know the CEO of every investment platform on the internet. 

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Take note: if the CEO’s name and address of the platform does not show on that’s to the site is absolutely fake.

Fake sites always use this simple trick to drive visitors to their site thinking they are operating on the right site, what they do is to make sure the site look alike for example,, etc.

#Know their payment method

AS we all know that the general payment to send and receive funds online is PayPal, credit cards, and other methods. I will never advise you to make a payment on any site using Moneygram, cryptocurrencies because of this most used payment method by fake sites.

#Review the site’s domain age

The point here remains, fake sites will never buy more than one-year domain, most at times some may not even buy a domain that will last up to a year because they will never want to spend too much on it since they know they can vanish anytime.

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To check the date the site came into existence, to go and check it.

#Check if the site is secured

Whenever you open any site, always consider checking the upper left side of the site address statue, you will find a padlock. If the padlock is locked, the site is secured by TLS/SSL certificate.

It doesn’t end there, proceed by clicking on the padlock and a drop-down menu will open where you can get more information about the site.

#Check their social media handle

Every legit business online must always include their social accounts on their platform, meanwhile fake sites will never do such to avoid being tracked. The quality of every site social handles always acts as evidence that the site is reliable.

#contact info

A legit site will always include their contact info knowing very well that a client might want to get more information.

Let’s stop here as we are going to bring more tricks to identify fake investment sites on our next post so stay tuned.


Thanks for taking your time to read this article, please if you have any questions or more ideas kindly use the comment section below. Thanks.

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