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Gain followers on tiktok 10 thousand within 30 minutes

Gain followers on tiktok 10 thousand within 30 minutes

Today I will personally enlighten you on how to gain more followers on tiktok within 30 minutes without stress.

I decided to drop this article here because many people came to my inbox on my social media platform asking me how I was able to gain 50 thousand followers within 3 Days, though I was unable to go reply to all the messages.

I posted on my instagram page few days ago that I’m going to drop an article here today in other to give the simple answer to all the questions on my inbox.
First of all, before you think of creating a tiktok account, there are some things you need to think about before making the decision. I can boldly say many tiktokers are actually displaying on tiktok because they saw their friends doing it so they feel like to do too.

A friend of mine told me something last two years that made burst out for over 30 minutes which I was not able to control myself.

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He actually ran to chamber and say

 “One of my friend just withdraw 300,000 thousand naira from tiktok today, honestly speaking I must open tiktok account today”.

The point was clear that he actually went into the platform so he can make handful of money as his friend did without thinking of asking his friend the strategies he used in growing his tiktok account and how he was able to make such amount of money from tiktok.

That sound funny right?

Now for those that asked me how I made over 50 thousand tiktok followers within 3 days I want you to stay on this page read  this article carefully because  I promise you at the end of this article you will end up coming to my inbox again to give me testimony.

Before I give out the secret to build your tiktok page to numbers of followers you wish I want you to consider the following first

# know your purpose

Yes, it is very important to know your purpose before doing anything in life. What is your purpose of having tiktok account? Is it for fun, to go viral? Or you want to do it simply because your friend is doing it?

I want you to think about those above mentioned purpose before you think of going into the platform.

# Know your niche

This is one of the biggest mistakes many content creators do make when starting or creating a tiktok account. You cannot post comedy today, and then tomorrow you are seen posting marriage counseling

No! It’s very wrong.  Make your audience know what you display and by so doing believe me you will see how that your account will continue growing on daily basis.

Focus on one particular thing. If you posting funny videos, be known with that.

# be consistence

Being consistence in whatever you are doing is a powerful tool to grow your tiktok account. It’s very bad that you post a kind of interesting content today and people started following you up expecting to see something interesting than that the next day because they believe you can do it, but unfortunate one week came and go and you are not able to show case something to the people following you, believe me you will end up losing your followers and at the same time lose engage. So what am trying to say here is that you should continue posting and posting because it helps a lot.

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Like I said earlier that I will give out the secret on how I take my tiktok account from zero (0) to fifty thousand (50,000) followers within interval of three days, now this is the right time.

Now you have now your purpose of creating a tiktok and I believe you a niche in mind, follow the instruction below and seen how it goes.

Step 1

Go to tikok video that has numbers of comments

Step 2

Like the comments commented on the comment section. Let’s assume you liked up two hundred comments from the comment section, believe me you will earn not less than twenty followers from that particular video.

Keep doing this until you achieve your dream numbers of followers.

I hope this article has given solution that will you help you grow your tiktok account?

If yes, please kindly drop your comment under the comment box below and do well to share this post.




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